property rental leasing

property rental, leasing

Rent, cases of adjustment [increase or reduction of rent], non-payment of rent, renting guarantee, damages in the rented business building and compensations its owner is entitled to, maintenance of building-store facilities provided for commercial use as well as expiration of the renting contract, either further to agreement between the property owner and the tenant or further to the tenant’s eviction by court decision, or, finally, further to abandonment of the rented property by the tenant are the standard points which must be agreed in any property rental private agreement, in order to practically ensure a smooth course for any renting contract, with complete statement of the rights and obligations of each property owner and each business tenant respectively.

In addition, the amendments in the business rental legislation since 2014 and, more specifically, the reduction of the minimum duration for all commercial rentals, which decreased obligatory protection provided by the law for these rentals, as well as the changes made in the tenant’s ability for early termination of its rental and retirement from the rent property, with or without payment of compensation to the lessor, created new legal issues.

Being lawyers specialized in the law of commercial rentals, either these are related with business buildings or stores or other property-land facilities, we offer our services in the negotiation of property rental private agreement terms, in the signing of rental contracts, and annexes to rental contracts, and preparation of lawsuits and applications related with rental disputes and full court support for any rental case related to the following:

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Property Rental, Leasing

leasing - subletting - subleasing

transfer of renting relationship, concession of rental property use

rental duration, termination, expiration

delivery of rental property

use of rental property

rent, sublease amount

projects, works, improvements, upgrades in rental property

damages, wear, substandard workmanship in rental property

maintenance of rental property

compensation for rental property

tenant eviction due to non-payment of rent

tenant eviction due to delays in payment of rent

tenant eviction due to improper use of rental property

tenant eviction due to breaching of the rental contract terms

order of rental property return due to non-payment of rent

payment order for rent

lawsuit for rent increase-reduction

amounts due from unpaid rent and extra-judicial document for rent repayment

amounts due or offsetting of rental contract guarantee

disputes on mobile equipment in rented property for business use or stores

property rental leasing
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property rental leasing
δικηγορικό γραφείο Αριστοτέλης Παπαγεωργίου & Συνεργάτες
property rental leasing